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Equipment Lease Application


Sun South Equipment Leasing specializes in leasing and financing of equipment for the small and medium business industry by providing extra capital needed for the purchase of equipment and machinery necessary to operate a business.

Sun South is based in Central Florida, and is helping businesses grow throughout Florida and the United States with equipment financing and leasing programs that provide all the benefits of ownership without the huge financial burden of a large capital outlay.

Our ability to provide cost-effective common sense options for equipment acquisition has benefited businesses within the medical, industrial and commercial industries for over 20 years. Once a client experiences the sensible, affordable financial solutions provided by Sun South, they come back again and again.

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"If Only We Could Afford..." How many times have you heard that phrase uttered during a company meeting? How many times have you said it yourself? In today's economic climate, it can be difficult to secure business financing necessary to acquire new equipment or just upgrade to newer technology. Huge cash outlays aren't a viable option and lenders are tightening their belts. So...what's the answer? SUN SOUTH EQUIPMENT LEASING THE SMART, SIMPLE OPTION FOR TODAY'S BUSINESS

Sun South Equipment Leasings


Sun South Equipment Leasings’ flexible, custom-tailored and competitive leasing programs open doors to expansion, growth, increased productivity and profit for businesses in virtually any industry. You choose the equipment you want, negotiate your best price and Sun South will help underwrite a lease that makes it all affordable.

You can enjoy all the benefits of ownership with none of the major initial expense that depletes working capital reserves. Leasing can be structured as an operating expense; therefore, you may be able to write off up to 100 percent of the payments as a capital expense, reducing your tax burden. The list of equipment you can lease is endless, the opportunities unlimited. Any equipment for any industry: making the item you need affordable is our specialty.

Always seek the advice of a licensed tax professional concerning the specifics of any tax deduction. To learn more about possible tax deductions go to www.irs.gov search section 179
START TODAY Simply complete our equipment leasing application and we take care of the rest. Most applications are processed within 24 business hours. We've established relationships with an extensive network of equipment vendors, manufacturers and distributors who appreciate the quick, efficient way we do business. Of course, we're more than happy to work with any company who sells the equipment you need. We do it your way at Sun South Equipment Leasing.
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Complete our simple and easy Equipment Lease Application
and fax to our credit department at 863-583-3100
Equipment Lease Application