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How To Save Money By Using Vertical And Horizontal Balers

In today’s economy, the smartest thing any business can do to survive is to find ways to save money, without cutting too far into their operation by laying off workers. One way to do this is to do your part by recycling all reusable materials.

Luckily, it is very easy today to get the vertical and horizontal balers you will need through economical leasing options. You will not only save money on waste disposal bills every month but you can actually earn money that you can put back into your company by recycling paper, cardboard, glass and plastic every single month.

Want to know more on how vertical and horizontal balers can save you time, money and the environment? All of us at Sun South Lease understand the need of every business owner to run as efficient as possible, and we have the know-how and equipment to help you do just that. Call us today to see how we can help you.

vertical and horizontal balers

The Advantages of Recycling and Waste Compacting

Everyone knows the benefits of recycling to help the environment by cutting down the amount of waste that goes into local landfills. But did you know that by switching from the traditional garbage dumpsters to a trash compactor that you can reduce the amount of waste going into landfills even more? It is true, and more and more companies are now taking advantage of offers from leasing agents and waste management services to have their waste processed by a horizontal baler instead. Because it compacts the waste to a more manageable bale, you benefit by only requiring one pickup a month, saving hundreds of dollars every year on your garbage bill.

Vertical and horizontal balers are also doing their part to aid community recycling efforts as well. By using these machines to separate and bale paper, cardboard, PET plastic bottles and even tin or aluminum cans, you produce the bales that pay you by the pound. The more you recycle, the more you get paid and these machines are wonderful tools to increase that recycling effort.

Using Horizontal Balers

Powered by hydraulic presses that operate side-to-side, horizontal balers are one of the most popular choices for use in operations that produce a lot of recyclable waste. If your manufacturing plant produces a significant amount of waste in paper, plastic or cardboard, you can save money by setting up a horizontal baler to take in that waste as it happens. Funneled through the top, the machine can be set to run on automatic, compress and bale the waste material as soon as it reaches a preset capacity. After that, forklifts can remove the bale for pickup within minutes.

Vertical Balers an Economical Choice

Smaller in size than its horizontal counterpart, vertical balers compress waste into manageable bales through hydraulic pressure top-down. Perfect for restaurants and retailers, it does require an operator to bale and remove bales for recycling. Still, it is the most economic choice among vertical and horizontal balers in use today for recycling purposes.