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Agricultural Equipment Leasing

Is Leasing Farm Equipment And Machinery An Option For Your Farm?

Whether you are a dairy farmer, cattle farmer or producer of crops, having farm equipment is essential for operating and producing. Farm machinery and equipment is without a doubt a high cost item in the farming business. In fact, the average cost of a large tractor or combine can cost up to $250,000 or more.

Therefore making cost-effective decisions about how to acquire machinery and equipment is critical to producers. Paying cash is always a first choice option but what is the alternative to purchasing outright. Long-term leasing is one of the most popular forms used today in every businss to acquire revenue producing equipment.

New or used, large or small, farm equipment and machinery can be leased through Sun South Equipment Leasing.

agricultural leasing services

Leasing allows for 100% financing including soft cost through various structuring techniques, leasing helps preserve and increase your existing capital tremendously. Secured long term fixed rates and various cash flow benefits provide your company with much needed liquidity, which helps you get the competitive edge over other similar industries.

Payment structures can be custom tailored to meet seasonal slow downs. With such tremendous potential benefits, it is vital to consider leasing as an integral element of your farms operational structure.

Leasing takes away the burden of large capital outlays for purchasing while enabling you to maintain top of the line equipment & machinery on an ongoing basis. Let Sun South Equipment Leasing help put you on the forefront of your farming industry and keep you there.