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Why Smart Business Owners Choose Affordable Equipment Leasing Programs


One thing that every business needs in today’s economy is the ability to have the equipment they require for operation, but without breaking the bank to finance it. For years, business owners everywhere have enjoyed the flexibility of the various equipment leasing programs offered by companies dedicated to providing equipment solutions at an affordable rate. We offer quite a few such programs ourselves and we want to explain the options we have in place, so that you can choose the package is the most affordable for your business.

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Operating Lease

An operating lease is one of our most popular and affordable leasing programs. This is perfect for anyone looking to lease equipment that they need only on a temporary basis, and not for the long term. With this special lease, you get an affordable monthly rate for the length of time that you will need the equipment and when that term expires, you simply return the equipment.

Capital Lease

This lease program allows business owners to purchase the additional capital equipment they need to expand their business efforts without having to resort to any commercial financing. You make affordable payments on the value of the equipment and at the end of the lease term you have the option to purchase the equipment outright for a per-determined purchase option.

There are also some advantageous tax breaks that come with this kind of leasing arrangement, which is one of the main reasons many business owners will take advantage of a capital lease rather than finance it through business financing.

Master Lease

A master lease contract is one of the most flexible leasing agreements possible for business owners, especially if they are unsure of exactly how long they will need the equipment they wish to lease. We retain ownership of the property in question, and we set up this lease with you for a specified period of time, as well as what rights and responsibilities you will have for using the equipment. At the end of the lease term, you can apply to extend the contract, and as long as all previous terms were met, you will be able to do so without having to renegotiate the lease, unlike other traditional leasing agreements.

Sale and Lease Back

Finally, we offer a rather unique solution for business owners that concerns existing equipment that they may have, and know that they want to sell, but cannot afford to, at least not right away. With the sale and lease back type of leasing programs, we purchase the equipment you want to sell, for a fair negotiated price, giving you the cash flow you need from the sale. In return, we lease that equipment back to you, giving you a chance to make changes, without sacrificing business.