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Finance and Lease Plans

Sun South Equipment Leasing, Inc. is responsive to your needs. We offer equipment leases and lease finance plans which enable businesses to borrow up to $250,000 and more upon completion of a simple application. Credit approvals can be obtained in as little as 4 hours from receipt of you complete application. Sun South has the capability to credit score your application utilizing our powerful technology, that accelerates the administrative process and shortens the time it takes to have your equipment delivered and generating positive cash flow.

Sun South Equipment Leasing, Inc. is flexible. We offer many different repayment options as a matter of course. You may choose monthly, quarterly, semi annual or even annually if that suits your cash flow needs. If you business is seasonal, you can select a payment plan which allows you to skip up to three consecutive months which you select.

If you need to defer costs while waiting for the asset to generate income, Sun South Equipment Leasing, Inc. will arrange for a deferred plan ranging from 60-90 days. Lower front end payments with graduating payments near the end of the leasing contract, (commonly referred to as “step payments”), can be arranged and other plans can be custom tailored depending upon your specific cash flow requirements, tax position, budget and fiscal calendar.

Sun South Equipment Leasing, Inc. is your advocate. We advise you prior to lease inception, provide valuable tax information and maintain a constant follow-up relationship wherein we strive to inform you of changes in your marketplace which affect you and your business.

Sun South Equipment Leasing, Inc. is client-oriented and value added. We excel in situations where flexibility and creative thinking are required. Whether it is a $60,000 commercial vehicle, a $400,000 IT Infrastructure project or a million dollar piece of capital equipment with a large balloon payment at the end to keep payments very low, Sun South Equipment Leasing, Inc. provides a robust menu of choices. These choices include, operating, capital and municipal leases, as well as TRAC and synthetic leases, equipment finance agreements or conditional sales contracts, and structured financing.

A recent survey by Dun & Bradstreet identified a composite which represented the “ideal equipment lease finance company”. That composite firm spells everything out up-front, with no surprises and no hidden elements. They are financially sound, offer the most competitive lease financing available and, when a client needs them, they respond rapidly and professionally. That ideal composite firm treats their clients as partners, providing counsel at all times and flexibility when flexibility is required.

We are proud to say that this “ideal lease finance company” does exist.

The name is Sun South Equipment Leasing, Inc. because it’s the lease we can do!