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The Ins And Outs Of Document Preparation And Delivery

Document Preparation

It is no secret that most businesses run electronically these days. No matter if it is an architecture firm that needs to be able to create their designs in a format that is universal for their clients or a textile firm that allows their clients to design their own fabrics, document preparation and delivery can be a very important factor to a business’ success. It goes beyond just having the right computer; you also need the right document management.

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A Lesson in Having the Right Information When You Need It

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Common Issues in Document Preparation And Delivery

The main issues that turn up constantly in terms of document management and which are the plague of any document management service are images, fonts, bleeds and document formats. Everything should be readable by your document management software and should be delivered back to them in a format that they can work with.

Images: When you prepare a document, always make sure that images being transferred back and forth are in high resolution, using software, are at least 300 dpi. Most images downloaded from the Internet are around 72 dpi and will not print well.

Fonts: PDF creation tools will guarantee that any font files you return with finished graphics will print universally, meaning that any graphics program will be able to pick out these embedded fonts without error.

Bleeds: In terms of printing, most presses cannot print up to the edge of the paper stock, so it is often printed on oversized stock and trimmed. If you want the image to run to the edge, set your print element with a 3mm bleed factor to get the closest edge possible.

Format: For good document management, you need a universal format that will operate with any system, any printer. Other formats will often rework the design of the document if they are incompatible, so the safest format to use has always been the PDF format.