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Equipment Vendor Leasing and Financing

Leasing: Eliminating Barriers And Increases Your Bottom Line.

Today’s economic climate finds many vendors and suppliers discovering what others have known for years; that leasing affords greater opportunity to sell equipment. Many businesses simply cannot meet the expense of a major cash outlay, although the need to offer more services with newer equipment is greater than ever. Therefore, leasing becomes an even more attractive option. This benefits the buyer, but what about you, the vendor?

Offering low monthly payments eliminates “sticker shock” and as an alternative option to purchase, allows the customer to focus on the quality of your equipment. Customers who lease their equipment establish a line of credit that offers incentives for future purchases with equipment add-on or upgrade options at anytime which helps you the vendor with a repeat customer base.

Remove Barriers Today.

You know the only thing standing between you and a sale is your customer’s unwillingness or inability to write the check. What if that objection wasn’t there? Leasing gives them the power to make a decision today and no one offers more customer-friendly lease options than Sun South. Leasing makes the purchase affordable for your customer, eliminating concerns about tight-fisted banks and depleting cash reserves in an uncertain economic climate.

Discover The ‘Hidden’ Market You’re Missing.

Leasing has been a preferred method of acquiring equipment for years and years among fiscally savvy businesses. Many financially strong businesses with the cash to make outright purchases prefer leasing for tax advantages.

Others simply don’t want to ‘waste’ cash investing in something that is guaranteed to depreciate. The advantages of leasing are many and businesses everywhere know it. Make sure you’re getting your piece of the leasing pie and avoid being pigeonholed as ‘the company who only wants cash customers’.

When They’re Stacked Right, They Fall Right.

equipment vendor leasing programs

Domino 1: The customer wants and needs your equipment to help generate revenue.

Domino 2: Customer has the means to purchase with cash, but is reluctant about depleting cash reserves or accessing limited credit funds. Do you risk losing the sale by allowing the customer to leave without an order or do you offer another option?


Domino 3: Do you suggest they consider leasing or financing but tell them to secure their own type of financing, because you don’t offer these programs as a service you provide and send them down the road and into the sales arms of your biggest competitor who closes the deal with a low fixed rate monthly payment plan?


Domino 4: You present an attractive option to lease or finance, through your long-term financial partner letting them leave their cash and credit line untouched. Congratulations. You’ve taken the pro-active step towards making a lifelong customer with lifetime value.

Domino 5: In less than 72 hours, customer is approved, documents are signed, equipment is delived and accepted by the customer and Sun South issues you a check for the equipment and related soft costs such as sales tax, freight, software, installation and training.

Domino 6: Customer has your equipment and grows their business. You’ve achieved hero status in their eyes.

Domino 7: When it’s time to add on, upgrade or expand their business, guess who they turn to again and again come for their business equipment needs?

Domino 8: A fellow business owner is envious and inquires with your customer about affording new equipment but doesn’t have enough cash for an outright purchase or available credit lines.

Domino 9: Guess who YOUR customer is telling Mr. fellow business owner about right now?

Domino 10: Mr. fellow business owner becomes your newest customer.