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Do your current furnishings reflect the polished, professional image your company wants to portray? What about your office equipment? Outdated, slow computer systems, fax and copy machines, antiquated phone systems: all contribute to customer dissatisfaction and employee frustration.

commercial equipment leasingYou can bite the bullet and try to acquire financing to pay for all this updated equipment or deplete your cash reserves. Of course, in a few short years, most of the electronic equipment will be obsolete…again. Ask yourself: does it make sense to make a large investment in something that is guaranteed to depreciate? Wouldn’t it be financially beneficial if you could get what you wanted without suffering the depreciation?

Sun South Equipment Leasing offers a smarter option. Lease your office equipment. Pay only for what you use as long as you use it. At the end of the lease term, update your system and never find yourself behind the technology curve again. Sun South Equipment Leasing will develop a lease program that fits your need to update or upgrade regularly.

Keep in mind: our leases cover virtually any equipment you need. Office furniture, computers, copy machines, cash registers and everything else you need: our specialty is making the equipment you want affordable through leasing.