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Why Leasing Industrial Shredding Equipment Makes Sense

industrial shredding equipmentIn these uncertain times, everyone is worried about protecting their identities from theft. For a private citizen, this is difficult enough, but imagine how it is for a business desperate to protect themselves, and their customers from falling prey. The average person can always go out and purchase a small shredder for home use, but when it comes to the size needed by businesses today, they need industrial shredding equipment, which can be costly to buy.

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Exploring the Different Document Shredding Options

Business owners can hire document shredding services if their volume is not very high, but if it is, then they will require shredding equipment of their own. There are several types suitable for business use: medium commercial shredders, industrial equipment, and high volume shredding equipment. All of these are available for purchase and lease, but if your budget is tight, you may want to look into an affordable finance lease instead of making a purchase outright.

You Get Extra Flexibility & Higher Security with Leasing

With the right lease, you can easily handle your own day-to-day shredding needs on your own. Many of the units available are powerful enough to handle multiple reams of paper, file folders, CDS, cardboard, and even plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Not only would you be providing the extra security these times call for, but you can also easily help your company remain green through recycling all of the material you shred daily.

There’s No Depreciation or Maintenance Costs with Leasing

By leasing, you cut out the depreciation that comes with any large equipment purchase. You can also rest easy knowing that your customers sensitive information is being dealt with in-house, and not by an outside agency. And, you eliminate any costs that may arise for maintenance and repairs, because that would be handled by the leasing firm instead. And, if it turns out that you will not need it on a permanent basis, industrial shredding equipment can also be leased for short-term periods of time, saving you even more money in the long run.

Firms that regularly lease industrial equipment are happy to provide you with a quote, customized to your shredding needs. They will also be able to provide your company with the exact equipment you need, whether it be strip cut, cross cut or micro cut industrial shredding.

Financially, the terms of leasing contracts will be more friendly to your budget than an outright investment in more capital equipment, especially when it comes to tax time, and having to figure out depreciation on machinery that is meant to destroy other things. In regards to your bottom line, it just makes sense.