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Why You Should Consider Leasing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment

If you work in or you run a firm in the pharmaceutical industry, then you know just how quickly your operating processes can change. In such a tightly regulated industry, the governing bodies can order changes in how certain products are made or handled, in a heartbeat. All it takes is one scandal or one unforeseen consequence of an ingredient in a product and you wind up redesigning everything from the ground up. In times like this, you can let your overhead budget take a beating, or you can save some cash by leasing pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment as often as you can.

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Back in the 1980s, a national alert was issued when several bottles of Tylenol had been contaminated with a poison. As a result, the manufacturer had to completely redesign how the packaging of something as simple as aspirin could be done to make it tamper proof from that point on. Can you imagine what it would have cost to do that back then? Think about the pharmaceutical product you rely on the most for sales. How much would it cost you, today, to do the same thing Tylenol had to do back then? Mind boggling, is it not?

Most equipment for manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry is custom designed to meet government regulations, and it would cost quite a bit to redesign them, would it not? In our history lesson, the tampering was stopped by redesigning the way the product was packaged.

In that scenario, if you knew of a way to save money on a filling machine or packing machines without having to buy all new equipment, would you go for it? Leasing pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment would be the answer, and has its own benefits for doing so.

A More Economical Way to Go

Every machine on your factory floor represents a huge chunk of overhead to your company. If you could decrease your costs by leasing a majority of the common equipment used, could you imagine how much more profit you could make because of it? And, your first immediate benefit would be to not have to pass any additional costs onto your customers, a definite plus. Plus, leased equipment does not have to be depreciated on your quarterly taxes, making that another immediate benefit to be had.

By leasing pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment like scrubbers and packing machines you also save money by not committing a huge chunk of your operating budget to purchasing new equipment. Maintenance contracts included in most leases will also cover replacement parts, specially trained personnel, and if you no longer need the leased machine at a later date, you can return it without incurring further losses.