Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment Leasing and Financing

laboratory equipment

In order to perform the necessary analyses, laboratories and scientific research companies need to have the use of highly sophisticated and expensive equipment and instruments such as genetic analyzers and mass spectrometers that are advanced in technology to ensure an uninterrupted and consistent level of service.

Therefore they must also have a plan to replace aging and outdated equipment. For example, in order for forensic laboratories to meet the mission of entering profiles into their data systems for solving “no suspect” crimes, it is necessary to ensure that the crime laboratories have a stable capital equipment replacement program that is cost-effective and meets most any budgetary constraints for new equipment acquisitions that provide an even broader range of options.

Meet Budget Restrictions…

In today’s fast paced, technology-oreinted world, leasing lab tools and equipment has fast become the most accommodating and affordable financial solution to the laboratory industry in order to acquire state of the art equipment technology needed to operate a successful laboratory that produces quality output.

Leasing allows laboratory facilities to maintain a flexible edge by allowing them to acquire now and have use of today, the best equipment technology has to offer instead of waiting for tomorrow’s budget dollars which there never seems to be enough of anyway.

Put your lab on the cutting edge of the research industry

Lease and Lease Finance terms offer more flexible terms with 100% financing including soft cost such as sales tax, shipping, software, training, maintenance or installation charges and are a fixed monthly payment obligation that won’t compromise budget restrictions. Unless it is deemed necessary to purchase equipment outright for mission critical situations, consider leasing as an alternative option over a cash outright purchase.

As the “lessor” Sun South can commit our capital for underwriting competitive commitments on individual equipment leases or can act as the “virtual lease finance” department and administrate access to capital, managing the lease process whenever acquisitioning laboratory or medical research equipment and instruments needed to operate successfully.