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How Using Commercial And Industrial Trash Compactors Can Save Your Company Money

industrial trash compactorsIn today’s economy, your bottom line can be the deciding factor as to whether or not your firm can survive until the economic recovery comes to fruition. Every penny you save increases that bottom line, so why not do all you can to reduce costs and overhead? Utilities are continually going up, and garbage is one of the hardest for any struggling company to deal with.

You are literally at their mercy, unless you can find a way to reduce the amount of trash waste your company produces, thereby reducing the size of the pickup. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by investing in commercial and industrial trash compactors.

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Benefits of Leasing Compactors

The majority of waste collection firms today either charge by the pound or by the size of the container used to dispose of trash. By using any commercial and industrial trash compactors available on the market today for lease or purchase, you can severely reduce the amount of trash waste that has to be collected by these firms, and, in the process, reduce your waste collection utility bill by hundreds of dollars a year. A very significant benefit, especially to your bottom line.

Another benefit that many firms may overlook when considering the use of these compactors is that it also gives you the opportunity to start a recycling program at your firm. By also employing a baler, shredder or green recycling systems, you remove recyclable items from your trash waste, reducing the amount that will be processed through the waste compactors from the get go. That will also go towards reducing the amount going into the collection bins, and further reducing your utility bill every month.

Going Green Pays You Back

By using a baler to compact and bind your recyclable cardboard and fiber board recycling waste, you can contract with a recycling firm dedicated to picking up and processing such waste. Many of these firms will not only pick up your bales for free, they will also reimburse your company at the going rate per pound for recycled materials. The same goes for paper waste that has been processed and reduced through the use of shredders.

Paper waste accounts for a significant amount in any landfill. By shredding paper at your company, and bagging it for recycling, you are not only earning money per pound delivered, you are also helping keep it out of landfills entirely. Most recycling firms will repurpose shredded paper, and sell it off as shipping products. Amazing how using commercial and industrial trash compactors can actually make you money, instead of wasting it? Do your part, and go green.