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Networking And Information Technology The Easy Way: Leasing

networking and information technologyOne of the biggest expenditures for doing business today is the overheads, especially when it comes to the equipment you are going to use every single day. Moreover, when it comes to processing the day-to-day business data, having the best in networking and information technology available for your business’ use is essential.

At the very least, this would include computer to computer network, network server, networking equipment, network software and network security. If you wanted to go wireless, you would need a wireless network and wireless networking equipment. The costs could be monumental. Fortunately, now there is a way to cut costs and still have what you need to remain on the cutting edge so that your business can grow, thrive and succeed.

How, may you ask? The answer is simple: leasing. Leasing reduces overhead costs significantly when you are not purchasing equipment outright and can help control your monthly budgets through the use of expected payments. These days, you can lease pretty much any equipment a business or even private citizens may need, including state of the art networking and information technology equipment.

Let’s take the simple example of a busy sales office to show you how well leasing can work for your business. You are the office manager, and you have 3 dedicated salespeople that you send out on calls daily, as well as 1 secretary who basically keeps everyone up-to-date in addition to running the office.

The secretary would like a new desktop computer and while you might be happy with the laptop you have, you still need to at least outfit your salespeople with durable versions that they can take on the road with them. All told, for everything, you will have laid out $3800 in the space of a couple of hours and you have not even scored your first long-term client.

In comparison, if you went the leasing route, you could have gotten all the equipment and even perhaps a new laptop for yourself for the same price on a two-year lease but spread out over the two years in expected payments. Expected payments are fixed budget items that you know in advance are coming due, making it easier to provide for them every month. Same equipment, lower costs because it is done in monthly payments, with upgrades available at the end of the lease. With some firms, you just have to pay an extra $1 per piece and you own it. Now, tell me, which one is the better deal?

What about using networking and information technology on the road? If you set up a budget plan with your local phone provider and bundle networking as part of it, your salespeople just gained the ability to network wherever they are, in or out of the office. Saving time, saving money, and the ability to pass on data quickly? It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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