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Veterinarian Equipment Leasing and Financing

Practitioners’ of Animal Clinics and Animal Hospitals need the use of medical equipment that is advanced in technology at their finger tips and is crucial for a quick diagnoses and medical treatment for their patients who can’t speak of where or how much they hurt.

Overcome Financial Obstacles…

Regardless of the medical field being practiced, having advanced medical technology such as x-ray machines, ultrsound equipment and anesthesia machines in their practice and readily available is necessary. Veterinary practioners know the challenges they face for affording the medically necessary equipment they need without going over budget restrictions and is one of the greatest hurdles to overcome in their industry.

Sun South Equipment Leasing understands the frustrations associated with making safe financial choices that improves the service and quality of your practice. We give each customer our individualized and personal attention to ensure they are comfortable with the leasing process and make every effort to structure a lease or a finance agreement that’s a fit for your practice and cash flow needs for a customized solution.