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Medical Equipment Leasing & Financing

As technology advances within the medical industry, care providers continuously face the burden of upgrading and adding equipment. It becomes an expensive ‘catch-22’. The initial cost of purchasing the equipment is financially prohibitive but the additional revenue is vital to your continued growth.

medical equipment leasingMore and more medical providers are looking to expand their offerings to include on-site labs, increased diagnostic services and more expansive and Medical Equipment Leasingcomfortable customer lounge areas. Even billing and record keeping are becoming simplified with newer software and faster computer processing equipment.

Leasing makes it affordable to acquire the most up-to-date medical equipment and technology, keeping your practice on top of the technology curve. An affordable lease finance program puts the equipment in your facility, allowing you to perform services that you currently refer elsewhere. New or used, any type of equipment can become an affordable, profitable addition to your practice.

Sun South’s Healtcare Equipment Lease Programs are available to suite any need, for almost any type of medical equipment whether you’re a general acute or long-term care hospital, chiropractor, rehabilitation facility, physician group, or a physician starting your own practice. Medical equipment advanced in technology is extremely expensive and becomes quickly obsolete as new technological advancements are made.

Our programs can be custom tailored to fit your operational needs with payment structures that enable the equipment to generate enough revenue to make the monthly payment and improve cash flow for the daily operational needs such as payroll, overhead or unforseen emergencies.

Let Sun South show you how to improve patient retention, broaden your services and increase your bottom line with affordable leasing programs designed specifically for your practice.