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Know Your Waste Disposal Equipment And Recycling Options

waste disposal equipmentFor business owners, both old and new, one of the most important ways that you can save money is to recycle as much of your trash waste that you can. It not only helps the environment, it can also grant you extra money by doing so.

Recycling companies across the country will pick up any bundled materials you can give them, pay you by the pound and help keep it all out of landfills by handing them over to be remade into new products. With the right waste disposal equipment, you can participate in the green movement without sacrificing your bottom line by purchasing expensive equipment, and we will show you how.

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Types of Waste Disposal Equipment

By utilizing proper waste management, you can easily separate and process recycle waste out of your day-to-day trash and reduce the amount of trash waste your utility garbage collector has to haul away. This will help save you money on overhead costs, and put some extra cash back into your pocket, courtesy of the recycling effort. There are several types of industrial equipment available to handle the processing, and all of them are available for both purchase or lease, no matter what kind of business you run, or how big.

Aluminum cans, paper, cardboard, plastic and even packing materials can be recycled from any industrial or commercial business these days. To make the effort to recycle easier to accomplish, more businesses will purchase or lease either a baler or compactors to compress the most material at one time.

It will also make it easier for the recycling firms located everywhere these days to pick up, process and repay you for the donation. Most companies pay by the pound and the more you can squeeze in the better. Compactors are best used on bulkier materials like aluminum cans, plastic bottles or Styrofoam, while balers can easily handle paper and cardboard.

How They Work

Balers use hydraulics to exert hundreds of pounds of pressure on materials into a solid mass. Most bales are mounted on wooden skids for eases of transport, and the steps to create the bale are fairly easy to do, without a lot of training. In essence, wires are wrapped and tied in key locations around the mass, securing it so that it does not come apart during movement.

Arguably the most popular waste disposal equipment available for handling large amounts of recycle waste, compactors use hydraulics to completely compress materials together, reducing it all into one solid block of material. Depending on the amount, it can either be removed from the compactor by forklift or simply trade out the used bin for an empty one, depending on your lease agreement.